Steering Committee Leadership

Gordon Smith, Chair, Steering Committee 

Cheryl Haggstrom, Vice Chair, Steering Committee 

Eileen Anderson, At-Large Member and Past Chair 

Jennifer Roe Darling, At-Large Member and Past Chair 

Stacey Saggese, Chair, Alumni Relations

Martine Hyland, Vice Chair, Alumni Relations 

Lynda Ricketson, Chair, Capstone Project

Kathie Repola, Vice Chair, Capstone Project

Kayla Arnesen, APR, Chair, Communications

Amy Maillet, Vice Chair, Communications 

Amy Kusek, Chair, Donor Relations

Charlotte Gillespie, Vice Chair, Donor Relations 

DeAnn Acosta, CFRE, Chair, Recruitment & Selection

Ashley Miltgen, Vice Chair, Recruitment & Selection 

Noelle DeLage, Chair, Mentor Program

Tami Vinson, Vice Chair, Mentor Program 

Melanie Ulle, Chair, Curriculum

Allison Krebs, Vice Chair, Curriculum 

Michael McGuire, DU Liaison

Bonnie Downing, At-Large Member

Michelle Kruse Crocker, Program Coordinator (ex-officio)

Sarah Stockton, Program Director (ex-officio) 

DeAnn Acosta, CFRE is also AFP Representative. Eileen Anderson is also Colorado Nonprofit Association Representative. 

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